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Paul Shipton - Manufacturing and Processing Expert Failure Analysis and Process Trouble Shooting

Smithers Rapra has provided technical support to the polymer and end user sectors for over 50 years. In that time we have undertaken tens of thousands of polymer (plastics, rubber, TPEs, fibre, adhesive, coatings and paint) failure investigations. Smithers Rapra delivers a wide range of Polymer Consultancy services backed by the experience and knowledge gained in 50+ years in this field

Failure Analysis Polymer Services include:

  • Rapid and unbiased assessment of failed products / materials
  • Identification of the probable cause of failure
  • Recommendations for remedial / corrective actions to minimise the risk of further failure
  • Recommendations to improve device, component or structure performance
  • Expert Witness

We are sensitive to the fact that product failure is often a critical, costly event, which needs to be dealt with swiftly and can result in disputes or litigation.

When no party within the manufacturing and end user chain is willing to admit responsibility for failure and its associated costs and damages, Smithers Rapra can offer an independent failure investigation and an expert witness service.

Our dedicated team of polymer specialists have an in-depth understanding of polymer behaviour, how polymer products / parts perform in-service, extensive experience of failure modes and a practical appreciation of design and processing.

Supported by our extensive microscopy, analytical and mechanical testing laboratories, our experts are able to fully characterise polymer composition and mechanical performance to rapidly assess the cause of product / material failure and, importantly, recommend remedial / corrective actions to minimise the risk of further failure and if possible improve device, component or structure performance

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